2018 MCPA Awards Winners

MCPA Award LogoMayor’s Award

previous MCPA Award winners are eligible

opens in a new windowTrue/False Film Fest

For their continued efforts in reusing through artistry, composting, recycling and reducing single-use items, True/False earned the 2018 Mayor’s Award.  Their Green Team has achieved a diversion rate of over 87%  and continues to educate staff, students, volunteers and Fest goers on the importance of environmental responsibility. 

Check out their video to learn more.

MCPA Environmental Stewardship Award LogoEnvironmental Stewardship

opens in a new windowColumbia Public Schools Science Department

A 2018 Environmental Stewardship Award  was awarded to the CPS Science Department for surpassing its goal of removing one million invasive bush honeysuckle plants from Missouri and collecting long-term plant diversity data. The CPS Science curriculum has increased the number of school gardens, field trips and projects allowing students to take a hands-on approach to learning. 

Check out their video to learn more.


opens in a new windowColumbia Audubon Society

For their countless efforts to restore and protect the environment through community outreach and educational opportunities, the Columbia Audubon Society has earned a 2018 Environmental Stewardship Award. By providing a beautiful landscape for visitors and increasing native habitat for a variety of pollinators, they have made a lasting impact on our community.

Check out their video to learn more.

MCPA Award Innovative Best Practices LogoInnovative Best Practices

opens in a new windowHarry S. Truman VA Hospital

Truman VA Hospital has implemented a variety of practices throughout their facility in order to be more environmentally sustainable, earning them the 2018 award for Innovative Best Practices. They have undergone 3 expansions constructed to LEED Silver standards, reuse or recycle approximately 33% of their solid waste and provide a carpooling/van share services to employees.

Check out their video to learn more.

MCPA Pollution Prevention Award LogoPollution Prevention

opens in a new windowCosmo Clubs/ opens in a new windowCentral Bank of Boone County

This unique partnership worked outside the box to take advantage of tax credits and other energy efficiency incentives to install a 45.5 kWh rooftop solar panel system.  Not only has the collaboration decreased the annual energy usage for Cosmo Clubs, it has also allowed Central Bank to assist other organizations with similar projects.

Check out their video to learn more.


MU Campus Facilities

Campus Facilities has led the charge for sustainability on campus and has earned a 2018 Pollution Prevention Award. The University of Missouri -Columbia has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 51% since 2008 and is on track to reach a 60% reduction by 2022.  MU is recognized as a national leader in renewable energy with its portfolios of biomass, wind and solar which now exceed 39% of annual campus energy use. 

Check out their video to learn more.

MCPA Award Resource Conservation LogoResource Conservation

opens in a new windowSustain Mizzou

Sustain Mizzou earned the 2018 Resource Conservation Award  for its extraordinary efforts to promote a sustainable way of life through education, collaboration and local action.  This student run non-profit organizes events such as stream clean-ups, food/clothing drives, e-waste recycling and weatherization projects and Sustainability Week. 

Check out their video to learn more.


opens in a new windowTrue Media

For its incredible office space renovations which improve its efficiency and reduce its strain on the local energy grid, True Media earned a 2018 Resource Conservation Award. They have reduced its consumption of natural gas by nearly 41% in winter months and use a custom tailored HVAC control logic which prevents demand spikes by limiting the number of units in use at any given time. 

Check out their video to learn more.