2017 MCPA Awards winners

MCPA Award LogoMayor’s Award

previous MCPA Award winners are eligible

Services for Independent Living

For their continued efforts to recycle medical devices and help out the less fortunate, Services for Independent Living earned the 2017 Mayor’s Award. They were able to provide over 900 devices to over 680 people, both major increases from the previous year. Check out their video to learn more.





MCPA Environmental Stewardship Award LogoEnvironmental Stewardship

Columbia Insurance Group

The 2017 Environmental Stewardship Award for a business was awarded to the Columbia Insurance Group. By going to all LED lighting, replacing inefficient transportation and HVAC systems and implementing environmentally friendly standards to their employees, they have been able to really make an impact. Check out their video to learn more.


Missouri River Relief

For their countless efforts to clean up the Missouri River, Missouri River Relief has earned the 2017 Environmental Stewardship Award for an organization. By cleaning up 876 tons of trash and heading up clean up projects along the river all the way to South Dakota, they have made a lasting impact. Check out their video to learn more.





MCPA Award Innovative Best Practices LogoInnovative Best Practices

Dana Incorporated

Dana Incorporated has implemented a variety of innovative techniques to be more environmentally sustainable, earning them the 2017 award for Best Innovative Practices by a business. They have gone to all LED lighting inside, removed air leaks from the facility, exceeded their goal for waste diversion and completed a heat reclaim project. Check out their video to learn more.


True/ False Film Festival

The organizational winner for the 2017 Best Innovative Practices was the True/False Film Festival. Their efforts to reuse and recycle throughout their festival, including a landfill diversion rate of over 90%, have shown their dedication to being environmentally sustainable. Check out their video to learn more.

MCPA Pollution Prevention Award LogoPollution Prevention

Columbia Mall

The practices of the Columbia Mall that have made such a big impact on the community and environment are what earned them the 2017 Pollution Prevention Award. They have been able to reduce emissions by 26% since 2009, which is enough to power 181 homes in the community for 1 year. Check out their video to learn more.

MCPA Award Resource Conservation LogoResource Conservation

Fretboard Coffee

Fretboard Coffee achieved the 2017 Resource Conservation Award through many different sustainability practices. A few of their several practices include using organic beans, biodegradable bags and food containers, furniture made from recycled materials, and local vendors. Check out their video to learn more.