2016 MCPA Award winners

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Mayor’s Award

previous MCPA Award winners are eligible

Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture

The Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture was awarded the Mayor’s Award for 2016. They earned this honor by serving over 1,000 people with zero waste, helping build 92 family gardens, and continuing to expand their outdoor classroom program with the Columbia Public Schools. Check out their video to learn more. View the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture video to learn more.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric’s efforts to cut back on energy and reduce waste earned them the 2016 Mayor’s Award. During 2015, Schneider Electric went to all LED lighting, reduced waste by 97% and began using a garden project at their facilities. View the Schneider Electric video to learn more.

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Environmental Stewardship

Logboat Brewery

Logboat Brewery’s sustainability efforts in their beer production and packaging made them our winner for 2016 Environmental Stewardship.  Their efforts include saving hundreds of gallons of water, donating leftover grain to local farmers, and using aluminum cans to allow greater chance of recycling. View the Logboat Brewery video to learn more.

MCPA Award Innovative Best Practices LogoInnovative Best Practices

The Broadway Hotel

The Broadway Hotel took home the award for the 2016 Innovative Best Practices. The first LEED Certified Hotel in Columbia was able to significantly cut both water and energy usage throughout 2015. They also challenge their employees to cut emissions with plenty of bike racks and locker rooms available to encourage biking to work. View the The Broadway Hotel video to learn more.

MCPA Pollution Prevention Award LogoPollution Prevention


 By greatly reducing their emissions, 3M was awarded with the Pollution Prevention Award for 2016. They reduced energy by 33.4% per pound by shutting down equipment during down hours, re-engineering air handling systems and more. View the 3M  video to learn more.

MCPA Award Resource Conservation LogoResource Conservation

Services for Independent Living

The winner for the Resource Conservation Winner was the Services for Independent Living. They were able to recycle/reuse $291,000 worth of medical equipment in 2015. Without their work, this all would have gotten disposed of as waste. View the Services for Independent Living  video to learn more.