2015 MCPA Award winners




MCPA Environmental Stewardship Award LogoEnvironmental Stewardship

Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture

The Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture earned the 2015 Environmental Stewardship Award for their efforts throughout the Columbia community. They advocate for sustainable local food systems, allow opportunities for low-income families to garden and create outdoor classrooms for local schools.  Check out CCUA’s video to learn more.

The Lawn Company

In 2015, the Lawn Company achieved the Environmental Stewardship Award through their organic lawn care work. Their promotion of alternatives to chemical lawn care and education about organic lawn care practices to the community were reasons why they were chosen as winners.  Check out The Lawn Company’s video to learn more.



MCPA Award Innovative Best Practices LogoInnovative Best Practices

OHM: SOA & CM Engineering

With a projected EnergyStar rating of 99/100, OHM: SOA & CM Engineering won the 2015 Innovative Best Practices Award. Their practices include reusing rainwater, using geothermal systems, and constructing their office of reused metals. Check out OHM’s video to learn more.

Columbia Area Career Center

The Columbia Area Career Center took home the award for 2015 Innovative Best Practice. Their efforts include training students to refurbish products and distributing the refurbished products throughout the community.  Check out the Career Center’s video to learn more.

MCPA Pollution Prevention Award LogoPollution Prevention



Shelter Insurance

In 2015, Shelter Insurance earned the Pollution Prevention Award. They installed energy saving technology throughout their office including LED lighting and solar panels, and even redesigned their Shelter Fountain to be more efficient. Check out Shelter’s video to learn more.











MCPA Award Resource Conservation LogoResource Conservation

Columbia Art League

The winner for the 2015 Resource Conservation Award was the Columbia Art League. By switching to LED lighting, using a “water bar” at their Art in the Park event and using a solar powered stage, they took home the award.  Check out CAL’s video to learn more.

Main Squeeze Natural Foods Café

Main Squeeze was the 2015 winner for the Resource Conservation award. They compost 100% of food waste, serve food from local farms, and have their furniture made from reused materials.  Check out Main Squeeze’s video to learn more.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric earned the 2015 Resource Conservation Award with their efforts to recycle and cut back on waste. In 2015 they increased their recycling rates substantially and set a goal for zero waste throughout the year. Check out Schneider Electric’s video to learn more.


Quaker achieved the 2015 Resource Conservation Award for their sustainability efforts. Reducing fuel, water and electricity, installing solar panels, and building community awareness were a few of the things they did to achieve this award.  Check out Quaker’s video to learn more.