Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement Awards


    Nominate a business or organization for the 2018 Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement awards today! 

    2017 Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement awards winners were announced April 19, 2017.

    Columbia residents and businesses conserve all the community’s natural resources, work cooperatively to apply best planning practices, model energy efficiency, transition to renewable energy, and approach zero waste generation.” – Imagine Columbia’s Future Environment Vision Statement

    Create an encouraging atmosphere for business opportunities based on environmental stewardship.” – City of Columbia Strategic Plan, Economic Development initiative #2

    The city of Columbia passed the Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement (MCPA) awards (R 75-14) in 2014. The program was created to recognize the efforts of local business and organizations who take action in their own operations to reduce global warming pollution in the community. The Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement awards aim to recognize excellence in sustainable practices demonstrated by local organizations while promoting a culture of environmental responsibility. We achieve this goal by recognizing local businesses and organizations who excel in environmental stewardship, innovative best practices, pollution prevention, and resource conservation.



    MCPA awards categories and winners

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    Mayor’s Award

    2016 Winners

    2017 Winners

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    Environmental Stewardship

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    Innovative Best Practices

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    Pollution Prevention

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    Resource Conservation

    If you are a business or organization who is eligible for these awards, or if you know a business or organization who would be eligible, please contact  Nominations for the 2018 awards are available now.  If you have any questions please contact Sustainability Manager, Barbara Buffaloe.

    Also if you know any business who should be recognized for obtaining certification such as LEED or Energy Star contact Barbara Buffaloe. So that they can be recognized on the city of Columbia Website.