Office of Sustainability

Implemented in FY 2010 to further implement  opens in a new windowResolution 160-06 endorsing the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, the Office of Sustainability works with all City departments and the community to optimize resource use efficiency and improve economic, environmental, and social wellbeing.

Public Information

    Areas of Focus

    Click on the links below to find out more information on the Office of Sustainability’s areas of focus. In addition to the topics below, the City of Columbia Strategic Plan provides guidance on important objectives of the Columbia City Council. More information on the City of Columbia Strategic Plan.

    Climate Action

    On June 17, 2019, the Columbia City council passed the Climate Action & Adaptation Plan by Policy Resolution. View Greenhouse gas emission inventories, climate impact research, and current efforts for reducing climate pollution in Columbia. For tips on what actions you can take,  please visit the Community Action Checklistopens PDF file .


    The city of Columbia is fortunate to have a municipal-owned electric and water utility that is at the forefront of energy conservation programs and renewable energy procurement and production. Successful programs for demand-side management, renewable energy, and data disclosure help Columbia achieve our goals of reducing carbon emissions.

    Internal Sustainability

    The city of Columbia is committed to “walking the talk”. If we are to encourage our customers to be good stewards of our resources we must also be good stewards of our resources. We do this by evaluating our own energy usage and making improvements, building our facilities to LEED standards, and making sure our employees work in a healthy indoor environment.

    Materials and Resources

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! The City of Columbia operates a solid waste utility that is responsible for trash and recycling collection. We offer curbside recycling to make it easier to divert your waste from the landfill. You can also sign up for composting workshops and volunteer with our Recycling Ambassadors program.

    Sustainable Economy

    The third E in the triple-bottom-line of Environment, Equity, and Economy; a sustainable economy is one that flourishes without negatively affecting the quality of life of its citizens. To help promote sustainability in our businesses, the City of Columbia established the Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement awards. Given every year on Earth Day, the awards recognize businesses and organizations that walk the talk for Sustainability.


    How we get from location to location in our community has an effect on the environment. Non-motorized transportation and mass transit help keep traffic to a minimum and give us all cleaner air to breathe. 

    Sustainable Land Management

    The City’s Community Conservation program works to protect and restore Columbia’s native habitats through public education, conservation assistance programs, and by implementing best management practices on our public lands.

    The City of Columbia supports local food production with COMO Common Ground Community Garden Program. Columbia is committed to increasing food security and access to fresh, healthy, and local foods throughout the community.

    The City of Columbia Stormwater Program helps educate local residents about what stormwater is, how it becomes polluted, and how individuals can help protect our local streams, creeks, and recreational waterways. 

    Education and Outreach

    The Office of Sustainability works to educate young and old, on campus, and in the community. The more we are able to educate and inspire, the greener our city will become. The change we seek is a better-informed community. See the links below in the Education & Outreach section for more information.

    Sustainability Education & Outreach Programming

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