Citizen Survey Results 2018

The City of Columbia conducted its 10th DirectionFinder survey during the winter of 2018. The City’s first DirectionFinder survey was conducted in the spring of 2003. The purpose of this survey was to assist the City in its on-going effort to identify and respond to resident concerns while also assessing citizen satisfaction with the delivery of major city services, helping determine priorities for the community and measuring strategic performance.

The survey packet, which included a cover letter, the seven-page survey and a postage-paid return envelope, was mailed to a random sample of households in the City of Columbia. The cover letter explained the purpose of the survey and encouraged residents to return their surveys via mail or online. Approximately 10 days after the surveys were mailed, residents who received the survey were contacted by email or phone to encourage participation. Of the households that received a survey, a total of 941 completed the survey. This includes responses in strategic neighborhoods in Columbia.

The 2018 Citizen Survey is linked below with appendices following.

Final Report

Appendix A – GIS Maps

Appendix B – Crosstabular Data by Ward

Appendix C – Crosstabular Data by Race and Ethnicity

Appendix D – Crosstabular Data by Household Income

Appendix E – Crosstabular Data by College Students, Age of Respondent and Gender

Appendix F – Crosstabular Data by Neighborhood

Appendix G – Non-Random Tabular Results