Strategic Plan 2020

History and timeline

The 2020 Strategic Plan is being created through a data-driven process that includes three phases. The Plan includes input from Columbia community members, City staff and City Council.

Phase I – Begin to plan

The internal Strategic Plan Planning Committee was formed in August 2018 and began the preliminary planning process for the 2020 Strategic Plan. This Committee represents employees from various City departments and levels throughout the organization.

Phase II – Gather and analyze data

The Planning Committee transitioned to Phase II by the end of 2018. This Phase included holding eight focus groups (five with traditionally underrepresented voices and three open to the general public) with community members to give them the opportunity to provide feedback about City priorities. Additionally, information gathered included feedback from City employees collected at the annual Employee Picnic, data from the annual Citizen Survey, data and focus group comments from an engagement survey of City employees, the 10 Year Trend Manual published by the Finance Department and other related documents. 

Phase III – Setting the strategic direction/resource the plan; finalizing the plan and budget/roll out to staff

The Planning Committee transitioned to Phase III in summer 2019. This Phase includes holding strategic planning retreats with City staff and City Council to set the strategic priorities and objectives. A retreat with approximately 65 front line City staff members was held Oct. 17, 2019, where they reviewed the information gathered in Phase II and created priority areas from the data. A second retreat with front line staff was held Dec. 12, 2019, to refine the priorities discussed at the first retreat and start to generate ideas for outcome objectives. A retreat with City Council, City department heads, participating front line staff members and the Strategic Plan Planning Committee was held Jan. 16, 2020, to create goals, objectives and measurable outcomes for the priority areas.

Once the 2020 Strategic Plan is adopted by City Council, the finalized Plan will be rolled out to our residents and City employees.

UPDATE: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the adoption and implementation of the 2020 Strategic Plan have been postponed.