Strategic Plan 2020 update: proposed priorities developed

The proposed priorities for the 2020 Strategic Plan have been developed and internal action teams will be formed to finish filling out the Plan.

On Jan. 16, 2020, City Council, City department directors, participating front line staff and the Strategic Plan Planning Committee met to make decisions about the priorities and outcome objectives that will be in the new Strategic Plan.

Front line City staff members representing every City department created the foundation of the Plan using data to develop proposed priorities and outcome objectives for Council and department directors to consider.

To create the proposed priorities and objectives, the group used a variety of data, including information from the eight community focus groups, 10 Year Trend Manual, citizen survey, City employee engagement survey and other related documents.

The proposed priorities for the 2020 Strategic Plan include High Performing Government, Safe Community, Reliable Infrastructure, Healthy Environment and Thriving Community.

The next step is for action teams to be created to help fill out the plan with steps that can be taken to achieve the goals set out in the Plan. City employees from all departments will be represented in the action teams. The 2020 Strategic Plan will go to Council for approval in the spring.

Updates will be posted on the strategic plan website as they are available.