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Public Works provides traffic calming solutions where appropriate in order to influence driver behavior and create more livable neighborhood streets. We work closely with neighborhood residents to properly identify their concerns, conduct appropriate studies to quantify any problems, and develop strategies to moderate traffic speeds and reduce the number and severity of collisions should they occur. While there are budgetary and public input considerations, it is the goal of Public Works to find ways to address as many issues as feasible each year. 

Public Works and the Columbia Police Department have distinct roles relating to traffic management:


Public Works:
Neighborhood Traffic Management Program
Traffic Studies
Sidewalk Gap Program  
Sidewalk – New Construction

Columbia Police:
Neighborhood Policing
Traffic Enforcement
Speed Trailer Deployment
Speed Enforcement

   Decision Making Diagram    Implementation Diagram
Traffic Calming Decision Making Process Diagram (screen capture from Neighborhood Traffic Management Program handbook, page 4) Traffic Calming Decision Making Process Diagram, Level 2 and 3 Implementation Process (screen capture from Neighborhood Traffic Management Program handbook, page 5)

  Traffic Management Resources:


  Recent and Current Projects:

Screen grab of youtube page: red car and street with caption: Traffic Calming Solution at College Park Drive

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