Street Division

The Columbia Public Works Street Division and Traffic Division are responsible for street and sidewalk maintenance and repair as well as storm response.


Pothole Repair: The Street Division repairs potholes on City Streets.  (How the process works.)

Road Buckle Response:  A road buckle is a rapidly occurring breech in the pavement as a result of heat and moisture under the surface. 

Bridge Repair: Engineering staff coordinate the repair of bridges and post signs whenever there may be an issue with a bridge in need of repair. 


Road Hazards:  Severe weather such as a tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, ice or heavy winds may cause trees or other debris to fall into the roadway.

Winter Weather: Policies and procedures relating to snow and ice response are available at


Street Signs: Street Division repairs and replaces missing and damaged signs. Residential street signs are produced on site.  

Traffic Signals: The Traffic Division is responsible for setting and calibrating traffic signals on City streets. The Street Division provides maintenance support. 

Crosswalk Signals: The Traffic Division is responsible for setting and calibrating crosswalk signals on City streets. The Street Division provides maintenance support.

Lane Striping : The Street Division supports the Traffic Division and other City departments with lane striping maintenance as necessary. 

Bicycle Lanes : The Street Division supports the Traffic Division , Getabout Columbia and other City departments with the bike lane maintenance as necessary. 


Street MaintenanceStreet Maintenance is carried out via private contractor or City staff on a case by case basis. For example, Street Division staff often do crack sealing, overlay work and chip sealing, but private contractors typically do mill and overlay work as well as fog sealing.


Street Sweeping: Street Division staff maintains over 1,350 lane miles of streets including mechanical and manual street sweeping. Downtown streets are swept on a nightly basis during the week.

Mowing: Street Division mows the equivalent of 82 football fields every two week.


Construction: Street Division staff sometimes carry out construction projects.  However, most construction projects are managed by the Capital Improvement Program division through competitively bid contracts.

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