Shepard to Rollins Trail Project

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Construction 2018
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GetAbout Phase II Funds
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Project Description: A 10-foot-wide concrete trail, starting at the east end of Rollins Street, crossing Hinkson Creek and connecting at the Bluffdale Drive cul-de-sac, will provide nonmotorized transportation access for students to the University of Missouri-Columbia campus in Ward 6. An additional trail connecting to Stadium Boulevard and the Hinkson Creek Trail will also be completed by Columbia Parks and Recreation. (For more information about the Hinkson Creek Trail connection visit Together the two trail projects will provide an important link in the north-south section of the 30-mile trail loop around Columbia, allowing residents north of I-70 access to the MKT Trail, the University campus and downtown Columbia.

Project Status: This project is currently out to bid. Bidding closes June 5, 2019.

Project Manager: Allison Anderson, P.E.

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March 19: The City began preliminary work on the trail project on March 19, 2019. The initial stage of the project is the removal of a limited number of trees. Of the 18 trees being removed, 14 have been identified as being dead. Once trail construction is complete, the City will implement a tree restoration plan.

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