Share the Road: Motorist Information

getabout columbia logoRoads should be safe for all bicyclists and motorists. In order to co-exist safely, we need mutual respect and understanding between cyclists and motorists, as they share the same rights and responsibilities on public roads. Follow the behaviors included here and we’ll all be safer.


Allow at least three feet when passing.

Slow down and wait for a safe place to pass when driving behind a cyclist on a narrow roadway. A car passing too closely can injure or kill a cyclist.

Treat each bicycle as you would any slow-moving vehicle.

Don’t try to squeeze by a cyclist on a blind corner, near the crest of a hill, when there is oncoming traffic or on a narrow road. Always wait for a safe place to pass. Unsafe passing can result in a head-on collision.

Be alert and look for cyclists.

Look for bicycles when driving and parking. Always check for bikes before changing lanes or opening a car door. 

Pay special attention around schools.

Drivers need to exercise additional caution when driving near a school. Slow down and be on the lookout for children. Children can dart out from sidewalks and between parked cars unexpectedly.


Only honk in emergencies.

Sounding your horn near a cyclist can startle them, causing them to weave into traffic or even fall from their bike. Cyclists often cannot hear vehicles behind them when riding downhill do to the wind in their ears. Pass them with a wide berth when the road ahead is clear.

Wait patiently to pass.

As often as not, a cyclist in front of you on a narrow roadway is looking for a safe place to pull over to let you pass. Give them time to do the safe thing, then pass at a reasonable speed. Road Rage kills and cyclists are the most vulnerable users of the road.


GetAbout Columbia has the support of the Columbia Police Department, the Boone County Sheriff’s Office, MU Police and the Missouri State Highway Patrol. When a law has been broken, the local law enforcement agencies will take appropriate action. “Street justice” can backfire—don’t participate in Road Rage!

Stay at the scene of a crash and wait for the police to arrive. 

Dial 911 to report “road incidents” such as collisions, injuries or reckless behavior.

Be a Part of the Solution, not a Part of the Problem

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