Rice Road and Kelsey Drive Traffic Calming

Funding Fiscal Year: 
Project Budget:
Funding Source:
Annual Traffic Calming Funds
Year Completed:

Project Description: Placement of speed tables and speed humps along Rice Road and Kelsey Drive.  Rice Road is No. 3 on the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program Priority List. The goal of this project is to calm the traffic on Rice Road and Kelsey Drive. The neighborhood seemed to be concerned with aesthetics, protecting the bike lanes, smoothness of ride, and effectiveness for everyone. This led to selecting a combination speed table and speed hump approach.

Project Status:  Project Completed May 12, 2017

Project Manager: Lee White, P.E.

Contractor(s): Columbia Public Works Street Division

Interested Parties Meeting: 12-2-15 and 7-12-16 

Public Hearing: 11-21-16

Press Release: April 25, 2016

Kelsey Drive Concept Plan

Rice Road East Side Concept Plan

Rice Road West Side Concept Plan

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