Reclamite is product which can rejuvenate the oily, resinous component of asphalt which has been lost from the asphalt cement binder due to the natural process of oxidation.

We have tested Reclamite on some City streets for a few years with good results.

Reclamite is applied using a tanker truck that sprays the product on the asphalt like the chip seal binder. Once the product has cured, 15-45 minutes depending on weather conditions, the lane will be reopened to traffic.

Reclamite plays a similar role as a chip seal in that it prevents water from penetrating into the asphalt by sealing the surface. It also helps rejuvenate the asphalt by restoring maltenes that have been lost from the oxidation process. Oxidation and UV damage are reason why an asphalt street turns from black to brown to an almost gray color as it ages 

“We plan to use this product as a supplement to a chip seal’, said Seth Nelson, Pavement Management Specialist for the City of Columbia.  “Using this product with a chip seal will help us extend the life of our asphalt streets. Reclamite allows us to spray an asphalt street, that usually is less than 2-3 years old, to extend the life of that asphalt to provide an extra 5-7 years before a chip seal is needed.”

There is a cost savings with using this product over the traditional mill and overlay. The Reclamite product normally costs between $0.80-$0.90 a square yard to apply ($0.82 this year) while a mill and overlay cost $10.75 – $11.50 per square yard. 

Chip seal cost is in the range of $1.25 – $1.75 per square yard. Using Reclamite with our chip seals we can help extend the useful life of our streets which is a much cheaper alternative to a mill and overlay.

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