Rain Forest Parkway Calming Project (Providence to Range Line)

Funding Fiscal Year: 
Project Budget:
Funding Source:
Annual Traffic Calming Funds (2015 Capital Improvement Sales Tax ballot)
Year Completed:

Project Description:
Using traffic calming devices to lower operating speeds on Rain Forest Parkway from Providence  Road to Range Line Street. Rain Forest Parkway is No. 5 on the 2017 Neighborhood Traffic Management Program Priority List.

Project Status: This project has been completed.

Project Manager: Taylor Shelton

Construction by: Columbia Public Works Street Division

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Construction Updates:

April 29: Two speed tables and one speed hump were constructed on Rain Forest Parkway to slow traffic as part of the City’s Neighborhood Traffic Management Program. Rainforest Parkway was No. 5 on the 2017 Neighborhood Traffic Management Program scoresheet.

speed bumps in roadway

Despite a rainy spring, the City of Columbia Public Works Street Division completed four Council-approved traffic calming projects in April. The projects included a pedestrian safety project on Walnut Street, a Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP) project on Rainforest Parkway and two Capital Improvement Program (CIP) calming projects on Canterbury Drive and Scottson Way. The projects consisted of installing speed humps and speed tables to improve safety by slowing traffic. The total estimated investment for all four projects was $50,000. All projects passed through the City’s public involvement process. More information about these and additionally planned projects is available at CoMo.gov/PublicWorks/Construction.

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