City of Columbia Mission & Strategic Plan

Our Vision

Columbia is the best place for everyone to live, work, learn and play.

Our Mission           

To serve the public through democratic, transparent and efficient government

Our Core Values

  • Service – We exist to provide the best possible service to all.
  • Communication – We listen and respond with clear, compassionate and timely communication.
  • Continuous Improvement – We value excellence through planning, learning and innovative practices.
  • Integrity – Our employees are ethical, fair, honest and responsible.
  • Teamwork – We achieve results by valuing diversity and partnerships within our own organization and the community.
  • Stewardship – We are responsible with the resources the community entrusts to us.

Strategic Priorities

  • Economy: Jobs That Support Families
  • Social Equity: Improving The Odds For Success
  • Public Safety: Safe Wherever You Live, Work, Learn and Play
  • Infrastructure: Connecting The Community
  • Operational Excellence: High-Level Service From Engaged Employees

Columbia Public Works Strategic Plan 2016-2020

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