Progress As Promised…Manor Drive sidewalk

Progress As Promised…Manor Drive sidewalk, utility projects complete

The City of Columbia coordinated a large improvement project for Manor Drive that included new sidewalks, a new water line and a storm pipe replacement over the sScanned page of City Source newsletter showing photos of Manor Drive sidewalk (as promised)ummer. The initial new sidewalk plan was revised after feedback from the public.

Approximately 2,500 feet of six-foot wide sidewalk was built on Manor drive as identified in the 2007 Sidewalk Master Plan, the 2011 Safe-Routes-to-School grant application, and the 2012 Sidewalk Master Plan, and ultimately funded through the 2012 Getabout Columbia federal grant award extension.

The sidewalk project, which was completed under budget, included speed bumps near the crosswalk and pavement bump outs to narrow the road and slow traffic. In an effort to reduce the construction impact to the neighborhood, 85 feet of 24-inch storm water pipes were replaced.

Columbia Water & Light also upgraded the water main from a 6-inch pipe to an 8-inch pipe. The upgraded water line will increase the amount of water that can be delivered to the area for consumers and for firefighting purposes. The utility projects were funded by the respective utility rate payers.

The City of Columbia appreciates the support of the neighbors during the construction period when traffic was restricted at times. The City will return to the area in the fall to lay sod along the sidewalk.