Primrose Drive Calming Project (Stadium to Sunflower)

Funding Fiscal Year: 
Project Budget:
Funding Source:
Annual Traffic Calming Funds (2015 Capital Improvement Sales Tax ballot)
Year Completed:

Project Description:
Using traffic calming devices to lower operating speeds on Primrose Drive from Stadium Boulevard to Sunflower Street. Primrose Drive is No. 4 on the 2017 Neighborhood Traffic Management Program Priority List.

Project Status: The project has been completed.

Interested Parties Meetings:

Public Hearing Date: April 15, 2019

Press Releases: 

Project Manager: Taylor Shelton

Construction by: Columbia Public Works Street Division

Project Information: 

Construction Updates:


May 29: Two speed tables and two speed humps were installed on Primrose Drive to slow traffic as part of the City’s Neighborhood Traffic Management Program. Primrose Drive was No. 4 on the 2017 Neighborhood Traffic Management Program scoresheet.

Primrose Drive Speed bumps

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