Parkmobile App Gives More Options


Download the free app at or your device’s app store.


Register after you download and you are ready to park.

License Plate Number:

Remember to enter your correct license plate number. (Be sure to use zeros on standard Missouri plates, not the letter O).


Look for the 4-digit number on your meter–this is your parking zone. Enter the zone code and you are all set. You can request expiration reminders and refill the meter from wherever you are.**

Download the parkmobile app


If your parking meter displays the green Parkmobile sticker, congratulations….you now have another option to pay for your parking. Can you use coins instead? Of course! Using the Parkmobile app is always optional when you’re in a metered space. But it’s a great option. Especially if you are out of coins or short on time.

Transaction fees:

 A 45-cent transaction fee covers credit-card fees and licensing fees for the app.

Remote Meter Feeding: 

If the time on your meter is running out while you’re still in line at the bank or enjoying a cup of coffee, simply refill your meter from wherever you are without going outside. Goal: Fewer parking tickets!**

 **City ordinance prohibits parking in the same spot and street for longer than the maximum time posted on the meter. That is true whether you use the app or not. The app, however, does allow you the benefit of feeding the meter until you reach the maximum time allowed in that space. Meters in town range from 24 minutes to 10 hours, depending on location, and are clearly marked.

Parkmobile Dowtown Parking Permit – Spaces are limited for this special downtown parking permit, not included with the app

Questions and Answers: 

Detailed information about how to make the most of Parkmobile is available here. 


View online videos showing how to use the app are available.

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