Parkmobile Downtown Parking Permit

The Parkmobile Downtown Parking Permit is designed to provide employees of downtown businesses with affordable parking options. For a flat fee of $35 per calendar month, you can purchase a lower-priced permit which can be used at any on-street 10-hour, green-topped meter in downtown Columbia without the need to physically feed the meter. This permit is not intended to allow long-term storage of vehicles. You will need to move your vehicle every 24 hours.

This Parking Mapopens PDF file shows where the 10-hour parking spaces in downtown Columbia are located. The eligible spaces are denoted by the dark green line.  This permit is eligible for use only with the 10-hour, green-topped meters. Do not use with the 5-hour, 4-hour, 1-hour or 24-minute meters or the Pay-by-App Parkmobile only parking spots.

The program is limited to 200 participants on a first come, first serve basis. The City of Columbia has partnered with Parkmobile to administer the program. Participants simply register online with Parkmobile . 

  • Ideal for downtown workers
  • $35 per “calendar month”
  • This program is separate from the Parkmobile App but you should download the app to receive important notifications
  • No hang tags – your license plate number is your permit
  • Automatic monthly renewable option available via your credit or debit card

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