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    There are a number of options for permit parking in downtown Columbia parking garages and lots. To apply for a permit, visit Public Works, Third Floor, City Hall, 701 Broadway, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

    Surface Lots Garages Reserved Garages
        Monthly $70
        effective 01/01/2016
            Monthly $75     Monthly $115
        Quarterly $205
        effective 01/01/2016
           Quarterly $220     Quarterly $345
        Yearly $770 effective
           Yearly $825     Yearly $1380





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    Fee Payments Due: Parking permit fee payments are due to the City of Columbia Finance Department within 14 days of the billed invoice date. You have the option to be billed monthly, quarterly or annually for your parking permit(s). Parking tickets will be issued if payments have not been received in full.  You may pay by cash, check, debit card or credit card (excluding American Express).


    Permit Cancellation: Parking permits will be canceled if payment has not been received in full within 21 days of the invoice date. Once a permit is canceled, it can be reissued to a customer upon request, with the following conditions:

    • All delinquent permit amounts must be paid and the canceled tag must be returned before a new tag is issued.
    • A parking space in a lot or garage will not be guaranteed if spaces are not available or a waiting list is in place.

    Voluntary Cancellation: To cancel your parking permit, you must return your tag. 

    Replacement Fees: There is a $6 replacement fee for “hang tag” style permits and magnetic entry cards for the Plaza Garage. 




    Permit Display: Permits must be attached to the vehicle’s rear-view mirror so it can easily be viewed by Parking Enforcement officers. If there are any problems in displaying the permit in this location, contact the Parking Enforcement office at (573) 874-7674.

    Nontransferable: Permits may not be co-leased or otherwise transferred to individuals not originally making the lease agreement with the City of Columbia. A lessee may allow another individual the temporary use of a permit but this shall not exceed seven calendar days without written authorization from the Parking Utility. Application for written authorization shall be made three days prior to such extended permit sharing use.

    No Parking in Hourly Spaces: Permit holders may not use “hourly parking” unless they have paid the hourly fee for the space (Sec. 14-391). If the parking permit area is full, you must find other parking. You may notify the Parking Utility office.

    Lock your Vehicle: Always lock your vehicle. The City of Columbia accepts no liability in the event of theft or vandalism; however it is requested that all occurrences be reported to the Columbia Police Department’s non-emergency number at (573) 442-6131. If you see the theft in progress please call 911.

    Bus Passes: Passes for Go COMO will be issued to all permit holders. The pass can be used for unlimited  bus rides on the Columbia Transit system. The pass becomes invalid when the parking permit expires and is not renewed by the permit holder or issuer. For questions on Transit passes please call (573) 874-7281.




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