Nifong Intersections Improvement (Sinclair, Old Mill Creek)


Funding Fiscal Year: 
Design 2016/Construction 2019
Project Number:
Project Budget:
Funding Source:
2015 Capital Improvement Sales Tax
Year Completed:

Project Description: This project includes improvements at the Old Mill Creek and Vawter School intersection and at the Sinclair and Nifong intersection. The improvements will increase safety, reduce queue lengths, and decrease travel times by the removal of four-way stops and the installation of more efficient and sustainable intersections.

Project Status:  At the Public Hearing, Council directed staff to proceed with final plans and specifications for the roundabout improvement at each intersection.

Project Manager: Allison Anderson, P.E.

Contractor(s):  Bartlett and West

Interested Parties Meeting: 5:30-6:30 p.m., June 20, 2017 @ Mill Creek Elementary

Public Hearing: Oct. 16, 2017

Press Releases:

Location Map: Location Diagram – Nifong Intersection Improvements

Project Layout:

Old Mill Creek and Vawter School Intersection

Sinclair and Nifong Intersection

Council Memo and Exhibits:

Information Sheet: Download pdf

Traffic Study: Download pdf

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