MKT-to-Parkade Bike Boulevard


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2018 Construction
1 & 4
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GetAbout Phase II Funds
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Project Description/Status:

  • North-South Bike Lanes: Bike lanes were striped on sections of Madison Street, Banks Avenue, Alexander Avenue, Aldeah Avenue and Edgewood Avenue, creating a north-south biking corridor.
  • East-West Bike Lanes: Bike lanes were striped on sections of Forest Avenue and Maupin Road to connect the corridor to Providence Road and West Boulevard, respectively. Permanent bike lanes will be finalized on Lathrop Road next summer after major sewer work and repaving is completed on that section. Signs have been installed at the intersection of Edgewood Avenue and Lathrop to direct bicyclists to the MKT Trail connections.
  • Providence Road at Forest Avenue: A signalized crosswalk with a center refuge island was installed.
  • Broadway at Aldeah Avenue/Edgewood Avenue: A flashing-beacon crosswalk with a center refuge island was installed; the intersection was modified to permit right turns only in all directions by motorists. Motorists cannot cross Broadway at Aldeah and Edgewood.
  • Alexander Avenue at Worley Street: The intersection was modified to permit only right turns out of Alexander Avenue onto Worley Street by motorists; no left or right turns are permitted by motorists from Worley onto Alexander.
  • Worley Street Pedway: A short pedway between Banks Avenue and Alexander Avenue was constructed on the north side of Worley.
  • Business Loop 70 at Madison Street/Parkade Boulevard: Signalized crosswalks were added on Business Loop 70 and Parkade Boulevard.

Project Manager: Allison Anderson, PE

Contractor: APLEX, Inc

Interested Parties Meeting: Aug. 6, 2013

Public Hearing: June 2, 2014

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Location Map: MKT to Parkade opens IMAGE file

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Oct. 29, 2018

Signals at Providence and Forest Avenue are expected to be turned on Oct. 29.

Sep. 25, 2018

The project is nearly complete. Pedestrian signal at Providence Road awaiting delivery from manufacturer.

Aug. 13, 2018

Crews installing pedway/sidewalk ramps related to signalized pedestrian crossing for Bike Blvd project at Business Loop 70 and Parkade.

crews working 1 crews working 2 crews working 3

Aug. 7, 2018

The striping contractor for Bike Boulevard is planning to be onsite doing layout and striping for the project this week.  The pavement has to be dry for them to work so the schedule is fluid at this point (no pun intended).

Residents along the route are urged to not park on the street to give crews a little more room to work.  Your cooperation is appreciated.

The route includes sections of Lathrop Road, Forest Avenue, Madison Street, Banks Avenue, Alexander Avenue, Aldeah Avenue, Edgewood Avenue and Maupin Road.

July 3, 2018:

Aldeah Avenue closing at Broadway intersection July 10-11; lane restrictions planned on Broadway, July 9-10

APLEX, Inc. plans to install a median island on Broadway near Aldeah, July 9-10, and close access to Aldeah, July 10-11, to modify the intersection and repair the pavement. When Aldeah opens back up on July 12, weather permitting, it will be a right-in/right-out only intersection at Broadway.  These changes were approved as part of the Bike Boulevard Project.

Broadway will remain open. However, lanes may be temporarily narrowed during some periods. At other times, only one lane will be open in alternating directions with flaggers present to direct traffic.

“The flagging operations should be done during off peak hours, early morning and mid day primarily, to reduce the impact on traffic,” Construction Superintendent David Fennewald said. “While we encourage drivers to find alternate routes, we don’t anticipate long delays here.”

Motorists, pedestrians and nonmotorized transportation users are urged to exercise extreme caution in the work zone.

APLEX, Inc. is the contractor for the Bike Boulevard (MKT Trail to Parkade) Project.  

June 29, 2018:

Although there is still striping and signage work to be done, Alexander Drive reopened at Worley Street on 6-29-18.  Alexander remains a street for two way traffic; however, motorist will not be able to turn into Alexander from Worley and can only turn right from Alexander onto Worley.  This is a permanent change to the intersection and was approved with the Bike Blvd project.  Crews will be present next week finishing up cleanup and seeding of the disturbed areas.

June 20, 2018

Worley pedway has been completed on north side between Alexander and Banks, but the corners are not open yet.

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