Mill and Overlay 2020

Mill and overlay involves milling off the top of the pavement surface and then applying a layer of asphalt back to create a smooth driving surface. Sometimes a street is not milled but simply overlaid with asphalt. The goal is to extend the life of the roadway for an additional six to 20 years. See the City of Columbia’s Pavement Management Plan for more information.

Below is a tentative list of streets planned for mill and overlay this year but is subject to change. Streets are not final until operations are scheduled and announced.

Road From To Progress
East Brown School Road Rangeline Street Concrete Scheduled
Aaron Drive Route E (North Stadium Boulevard) Timber Creek Drive Scheduled
Timber Creek Drive Aaron Drive Route E (North Stadium Boulevard) Scheduled
Corporate Place Vandiver Drive North End Scheduled
West Worley Street North Stadium Boulevard Bernadette Drive Scheduled
West Worley Street North Garth Avenue Bernadette Drive Completed
Rogers Street Rangeline Street North Providence Road Scheduled
Sandman Lane East Nifong Boulevard South End Scheduled
Cooper Drive Buttonwood Drive West End Scheduled
Ponderosa Street Roundabout Roundabout Scheduled
Waco Road Paris Road East End Reschedule for possible 2021 completion
West Ash Street North Providence Road Stadium Boulevard Completed
West Ash Street Heather Lane Stadium Boulevard Completed
Faurot Drive Scott Boulevard Defoe Drive Scheduled
Topsail Drive Parker Street Grand Banks Drive Scheduled

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