Getabout Columbia Capital Improvement Projects

Federal Highway Administration’s Non-Motorized Transportation Pilot program

Columbia was one of only four cities awarded a $22.4 million grant from the Federal Highway Administration in 2006, followed by an additional $5.9-million “Phase II” grant in 2012 to create infrastructure for nonmotorized transportation users. These funds have helped make Columbia one of the country’s best cities for walking, riding and using nonmotorized transportation to not only commute, but enjoy all the extraordinary trails and parks our city has to offer. 

All projects must go through an extensive public involvement process that includes interested parties meetings, a public hearing and approval by the City Council.
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Completed Projects

  • Ash Sidewalk, West
  • Ashland Road Sidewalk and Intersection  
  • Bear Creek Trail connections
  • Broadway Sidewalk (Fairview to Stadium)
  • Clark Lane Sidewalk, East
  • County House Trail, Phase 1
  • Fairview Road Sidewalk
  • Forum Pedestrian Bridge at Hinkson Creek
  • Forum/Stadium Intersection Improvement
  • Garth Extension/MKT Connector
  • Greenbriar to Hinkson Trail and MU
  • Hinkson Trail/Old 63 Pedway
  • Hominy Trail Phase 1
  • Hominy Creek Trail Phase II
  • Katy Place Trail/MKT Connector
  • Leeway Sidewalk
  • Manor Drive Sidewalk
  • Old 63 and Grindstone Pedway (Moon Valley to Grindstone Nature Area)
  • Old Route K Bridge Underpass Pedway
  • Providence Bike Lanes
  • Providence Bikeway South
  • Providence Bikeway South/Rain Gardens
  • Providence Crosswalk at Douglass High School
  • Providence Pedway (Business Loop to Vandiver)
  • Providence Sidewalk (Smiley to Blue Ridge)
  • Providence/Business Loop Intersection
  • Providence/Green Meadows Intersection
  • Providence/Stadium Intersection Improvement
  • Providence/Stewart Intersection Improvement
  • Range Line Sidewalk (Business Loop to Big Bear)
  • Smiley Sidewalk
  • Stadium Sidewalk (Providence to College)
  • Stadium/MKT connector
  • Wabash to Hominy Creek Bike Blvd Project
  • Walnut Sidewalk (William to Old 63)
  • Clark Lane Sidewalk, West (Route B to bridge)
  • MKT to Parkade

Projects in Progress 

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