Forum and Green Meadows Intersection Improvement Project


    Funding Fiscal Year: 
    2016/17 Design/2019 Construction
    Project Number:
    Project Budget:
    Funding Source:
    2015 Capital Improvement Sales Tax
    Year Completed:


    Project Description: The improvement at the Forum and Green Meadows intersection will increase safety and reduce congestion by the removal of the all-way stop and the installation of more efficient and sustainable intersection.

    Project Status: At the recent Public Hearing, Council heard public input and discussed five intersection improvement options. Ultimately, the Council voted to approve the roundabout option.

    Contractor(s): Bartlett and West has been hired to design the project.

    Project Manager: Allison Anderson, P.E.

    Initial Public Meetings:
    Public Hearing – September 6, 2016
    Interested Parties Meeting – April 20, 2016

    Current Public Meetings:
    Public Hearing – Sept. 5, 2017, City Hall
    Interested Parties Meeting –  June 27, 2017; 5:30-6:30 pm; Rockbridge Elementary

    Council Memos:

    Council Memo, January 17, 2017
    Council Memo, Sept. 5, 2017

    Project Information:

    Project Fact Sheet


    Ex. A. Location Map 1

    ​Ex. B. Layout of Existing Intersection

    ​​Ex. C. Forum and Green Meadows Exhibits

    ​​Ex. D. Comments

    ​​Ex. E. Conflict Diagram

    ​​Ex. F. TRB Abstract of Safety Effect of Roundabout Conversions

    ​​Ex. G. Roundabout Safety References

    ​​Ex. H. Safety Benefits of Modern Single Lane Roundabouts

    ​​Ex. I. Continued Reliance on Traffic Signals- The Cost of Missed Opportunities to Improve Traffic Flow and Safety at Urban Intersections

    ​​Ex. J. Intersection Control Type Diagram

    ​​Ex. K. Synchro-SimTraffic Delay Time Data

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