Enhanced fall protection and other self-harm deterrent measures within the existing Fifth and Walnut parking structure

Funding Fiscal Year: 
Design 2020
Project Number: 
Funding Source
Parking Utility Enterprise Funds
Year Completed:
Project Description: Providing enhanced fall protection and other self-harm deterrent measures within the existing Fifth and Walnut Street parking structure .

Council Member: Pat Fowler, 573.256.6841

Project Status:  Preliminary Design

Project Manager: David Nichols, pubw@CoMo.govcreate new email

Interested Parties Meeting: Due to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, the interested parties (IP) meeting was held online between Monday, Aug. 17 and Monday, Aug. 31. During this time, citizens reviewed preliminary plans, contacted Public Works staff with questions and comments, and completed the IP Comment Form.  The Public Works staff may be contacted via the City’s contact number, 573.874.2489 or via email at pubw@CoMo.govcreate new email. After the interested parties meeting is complete, preliminary plans are then developed and presented to the City Council during a formal public hearing.  Public comments are heard before a final discussion and/or vote is conducted by the Council.

Detailed Project Information: Individuals have used the 5th and Walnut Street parking structure since opening in 2011 to cause self-harm. Due to these events, the City would like to explore options that may lower the chance that an individual would use the parking structure at 5th and Walnut Street to attempt to cause self-harm in the future. These options include exceeding the requirements of the building code in effect at the time of the original design of the parking structure. As part of the engagement, the City is contracted with Walker Consultants to participate in community engagement sessions to review enhanced fall protection options, industry data, and other relevant information.

Public Hearing Date: TBD. 

Preliminary Plans: Fencing Draft Conceptsopens PDF file  

Press Releases:  Aug. 13, 2020

Documents:  Council Memo Feb 3 2020opens PDF file Resolution R19-20opens PDF file , Attachment A to Resolution R19-20opens PDF file