Discovery Parkway (Gans Road to New Haven Road)

    Funding Fiscal Year: 
     Design 2017/Construction 2021
    Project Number:
    Project Budget:
    Funding Source:
    2015 Capital Improvement Sales Tax
    Year Completed:


    Project Description: The Discovery Parkway extension connects the Gans Road Overpass to Rolling Hills Road. The new segment will provide a continuous major collector between I-70, at Lake of the Woods, to US Highway 63.

    Project Status: Allstate Consultants is working on completing right of way plans and final plans.

    Project Manager: Nazmul Hussain, P.E.

    Contractor(s): Allstate Consultants is the design engineer for this project.

    Interested Parties Meeting: 

    Public Hearing: 

    Location Map: Location Map 1-21-10 – Discovery Parkway

    Project Layout:

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