CoMo Park Card

CoMo Park Card

How do I get a CoMo Park Card?

For new customers, there is no service fee required to purchase a CoMO Park Card. However, you must begin with a minimum balance of $10, all of which can be used for your parking needs. Please visit us on the third floor of City Hall and we will get you started and provide instructions on how to use your new CoMo Park Card and meters.

How do I use my new CoMo Park Card?

The CoMo Park Card should be inserted with the chip on the left and the “insert” arrow forward. This will log you into the meter. The meter will show the available dollar amount on the card and put on the full hour limit of the meter. When you remove the card, you have completed the login process. When you return to the meter, insert the card again. The meter will debit your card for the amount of time you parked during your session. Removing the card will log you out of your parking session. (“How to” page)

What if I forget to log out of a meter?

Please ensure that you complete the logout process before leaving the meter. Failure to do so will charge your card the maximum parking limit of your bay, which will be deducted from the card the next time you log into any parking meter. This is nonrefundable.

Where can I reload my CoMo Park Card?

You can reload your new parking card at City Hall, on the third floor.

How will I know when to reload my prepaid parking card?

The meter screen will show the available amounts left on your card with each session login and logout.

What about parking garages?

CoMo Park cards are currently not compatible with pay-on-foot machines in parking garages. The Parking Utility is currently looking into cost-efficient solutions to this issue.

How do the new two-bay meters work?

A two-bay meter guide is available here.

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