CIP Design Engineering Division

The CIP Design Engineering Division is responsible for designing community-approved capital improvement projects in the Pubic Works Capital Improvements Program (CIP). This includes survey, design, right-of-way acquisition, contracting and construction inspection. Infrastructure projects, such as sidewalks, trails, streets, intersections and traffic signals, go through a thorough Public Involvement Process and are prioritized as part of the City’s annual budget process. Projects are designed to the highest safety and performance standards possible while paying close attention to citizen input as well as environmental and economic concerns.

The CIP Design Engineering Division staff are engineers, engineering technicians, construction inspectors and right of way agents. One of the main goals of the CIP Design Engineering Division is to promote safety for all modes of transportation in the design and construction of the street and sidewalk improvements.  For example, roadway projects include the “complete street” concept that incorporates bike lanes, sidewalks, safe turning movements, etc.  In addition, intersection projects include constructing roundabouts to slow traffic down through the intersection while improving traffic flow and constructing pedestrian crossings.  Sidewalk projects include filling in existing sidewalk gaps and improving existing sidewalks to meet Americans with Disabilities (ADA) criteria.  Finally, wide pedway and trail projects are designed to separate nonmotorized (pedestrians and bicyclists) users from the roadways.  Each design looks to improve the safety of all users while traveling throughout the City.

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