Completed Public Works Projects

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    Project   Year Completed
    Clark Lane Non-Motorized Improvements  2015
    College Avenue Safety Enhancement (CASE) Project  2015
    College Park Traffic Calming Project  2015
    East Broadway Pavement Improvement Project   2016 
    Worley and Clinkscales Intersection Improvement Project      2016
    Scott Blvd Improvement Project     2016
    Avenue of the Columns – Phase III   2016
    Bernadette Sidewalk Project 2015 
    Broadway Accessible Parking Project  2016

    Elleta Blvd Sidewalk Improvement Project

    Hominy Trail Phase II 2016 
    Forum Pedestrian Bridge Project    2016
    Wabash to Hominy Creek Bike Blvd Project       2015
    Garth Avenue Sidewalk Project (between Worley an Sexton)   2016
    Manor Drive Sidewalk 2016
    Green Meadows Circle 2016
    Southampton Road Construction 2016
    Keene Pavement Improvement 2015


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