Chip Seal 2020

chip seal

Chip sealing uses the same ingredients as asphalt. A thin film of heated asphalt liquid is sprayed on the road surface, followed by the placement of small “chips” or stones. Rollers then go over the chips to compact and adhere them to the existing asphalt. The excess stone is swept from the surface after a period of time to allow the chips to dry and settle. 

The chip seal process typically costs $1-$2 per square yard. By comparison, mill and overlay costs between $7 and $10 per square yard. This means that a typical 1,000-foot residential street would cost $5,000 to chip seal but more than $25,000 to mill and overlay. If pavement maintenance were ignored altogether, total reconstruction of the street could cost more than $200,000. Chip seal prevents road deterioration by sealing up cracks and providing a pliable long-term wearing surface that can typically last 5-7 years.

The list of streets planned to be chip sealed in 2020 will be updated as they are completed.





Ashley Street

Bowling Street

Sims Street


Atkins Drive West Broadway North end Planned
Biscayne Court Hulen Drive West end Planned
Blackberry Lane Riback Road East end Planned
Charles Street Business Loop 70 McAlester Street Planned
Concordia Drive Martin Drive Bourn Avenue Planned
Condado Court El Cortez Drive South end Planned
Country Side Lane Quail Drive Whitegate Drive Planned
Duke Street Oxford Drive Stanford Drive Planned
East Brandon Road Providence Road West Brandon Road Planned
East Eldorado Drive North Rivieria Drive North Eldorado Court Planned
East Briarwood Lane West Broadway Ivy Way Planned
Elm Grove Drive Brown Station Road East End Planned
Fairview Avenue North Seventh Street North Eighth Street Planned
Flora Drive Olive Street North end Planned
Fredora Avenue Maupin Road Stewart Road Planned
Greenridge Road Blue Ridge Road Brown Station Road Planned
Hatton Drive Mills Drive Limerick Lane Planned
Hickory Street Wilkes Boulevard Court Street Planned
Highview Avenue Jefferson Street Jewell Avenue Planned
James Dale Road Brown Station Road East end Planned
Mary Jane Drive Brown Station Road East end Planned
McBaine Avenue West Sexton Road West Broadway Planned
Mexico Gravel Road Route B Mexico Gravel Road Planned
Mills Drive Forum Boulevard Chapel Hill Road Planned
Olive Street Brown Station Road West end Planned
Oriole Lane Boyd Lane Alan Lane Planned
Pierre Street Ballenger Lane West end Planned
Pioneer Drive Mexico Gravel Road East end Planned
Riback Road South Rock Quarry Road East end Planned
Rowe Lane London Drive South end Planned
Ruby Lane Lowe Street West Ash Street Planned
South Old Plank Road Route K City Limits Planned
Shannon Place Highridge Drive Hatton Drive Planned
Sims Street Stone Street East end Planned
Skylark Drive West Green Meadows Road Concrete Planned
Sondra Avenue Jackson Street Kathy Drive Planned
Westwind Drive I-70 Drive NW West end Planned
Willow Way East Walnut Street North end Planned

Sweeping is ongoing but excess chips on the roadway may be reported to the City’s Contact Center at 573.874.CITY (2489) or emailed to

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