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    Traffic Calming

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Bicyclists and motorists have a lot in common: both use the streets, and both are obligated by law to follow the rules of the road. With a little bit of information and some practice, bike riders and car drivers can learn to “roll together” to help create a safe and friendly community.

Columbia’s roads need to be safe for everyone. Safety on the road requires mutual respect and understanding. Everyone when using our public roads shares the same rights – and the same responsibilities.

There’s no difference between motorists and bicyclists when a law enforcement officer sees a traffic violation. Whether you’re in a car or on a bike, if you’re driving or biking erratically, rolling through stop signs or failing to yield to other vehicles when required, you’re breaking the law and can be ticketed.

Here are some tips that can help motorists and bicyclists roll together:

  • Be Aware – For motorists, being aware means always allowing at least a three-foot buffer, or “cushion,” between their car and a bike when passing. Always wait for a safe place to pass when driving behind a bicyclist on a narrow street.

    For bicyclists, being aware means looking out for the unexpected, like a parked car door opening or debris in the street.

    Both bicyclists and motorists should always look for other vehicles before changing lanes.

  • Always Signal – The law requires both motorists and bicyclists to signal their intentions at all intersections and when changing lanes. Signaling draws attention to you, makes your fellow road users aware and could save your life.
  • Be Courteous – Both bicyclists and motorists can sometimes behave badly on the road. Regardless of who is at fault, antagonizing others can result in dangerous and aggressive behavior.  Please avoid provoking others – it can lead to accidents and injuries.
  • Report Incidents – GetAbout Columbia has the support of the Columbia Police Department, the Boone County Sheriff’s Office, MU Police and the Missouri State Highway Patrol.  We encourage you to report dangerous incidents as soon as possible.

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