Parking On Mixed-Use Streets

getabout columbia logoThrough the GetAbout Columbia program, the city has striped bike lanes on streets such as Chapel Hill, Paris Roads, Worley, Rogers Streets, and Shepard Boulevard – some of which allow on-street parking. There is now some confusion as to whether residents can still park on streets where bike lanes are marked.

Streets with marked bike lanes that also allow vehicle parking are referred to as mixed-use streets. If a driver parks in a bike lane where vehicle parking is allowed, they will not be ticketed. Likewise, if a driver parks a vehicle in a bike lane where there is a “No Parking” sign posted, they will be ticketed.

Using Bike Lanes On Mixed-Use Streets

Bicyclists should take extra caution when using bike lanes on mixed-use streets. When approaching a parked vehicle in the bike lane, yield to moving traffic and ride around it. Here’s how:

  • Carefully look over your left shoulder to make sure it’s safe to move into traffic.
  • If it’s safe, stick out your left arm to signal you are about to merge left into traffic.
  • Before you merge, check over your shoulder again to be sure there are no oncoming vehicles.
  • When passing the parked car, allow enough space for a car door to open – about three feet.
  • Once you pass the parked car, signal with your right arm and safely move back into the bike lane. 

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