Two-Bay Meters

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Photo Diagram of two-bay meter, pointing to Bay Selection Button on top left middle of meter             (click image to enlarge)

Scan of brochure titled: How do I use my new CoMo Park card?

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Screenshot of Columbia City Channel youtube video: How to Use the New Two-Bay Meters, with Drew Brooks, Transit and Parking Manager, demonstrating how to use a meter
Click to watch a video demonstration of the how to use the 2-bay meters.

What is a “two-bay” meter?

A two-bay meter is a meter with one head that controls two parking spaces.  It is important to use the bay selection button to choose the desired bay before inserting payment. In early 2017, 355 two-bay meters were installed, replacing 710 single-bay meters. By doing this, the parking utility is able to save money by reducing the number of physical meters that require service and maintenance. An additional 957 single-bay meters were also upgraded, totaling about 1,312 meters, representing about 2012 parking spaces. The new parking meters will accept coins (no pennies), the optional Parkmobile app and the City’s new prepaid parking card, the CoMo Park Card

How do I get a CoMo Park Card?

Visit us at City Hall on the third floor. 

Parking Utility
(573) 874-2489

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