2016 Pavement Projects

Progress as PromisedDuring the Spring and Summer of 2016, Columbia had its share of challenging weather, from powerful early morning winds to hail, heat waves and historical levels of rain. During this period, the Public Works Department and its contractors performed critical work on more than 100 lane miles of Columbia streets including Broadway in downtown Columbia.

April – September 2016

Type of work  Estimated lane miles
Milling and/or asphalt overlay  26
Surface sealing 1 /Surface sealing 2 10
Asphalt rejuvenators 13
Chip seal 32
Crack seal 20

“This year we are increasing the number of streets receiving asphalt overlay by about seven lane miles and have decreased chip seal about 12 lane miles from last year,” said Street Division Engineer Seth Nelson.

Crews also did lane striping, installed 41 tons of pothole repair mix and responded to four heat-and-moisture-related pavement buckles. This was in addition to their ongoing work of repairing and replacing street signs, mowing, sweeping and clearing hazardous storm debris from Columbia’s roads. The Street Division even joined Mexico, Palmyra and other communities to help Centralia after a July tornado littered its roadways with fallen limbs and trees.

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