Federal Asset Forfeiture Program

Federal Equitable Sharing Fund

The Columbia Police Department (CPD) is a member agency of multiple Federal Task Forces used to target criminals who prey on the vulnerable for financial gain.  As such, CPD participates in federal investigations that can include the seizure of assets (money and property) used in the commission of crimes.  The seizure of these assets is authorized by the Department of Justice Asset Forfeiture Program.   According to the Department of Justices’ A Guide to Equitable Sharingopens PDF file , these asset forfeitures are authorized to be shared with cooperating state and local law enforcement agencies through the Equitable Sharing Program.  The program serves not only to deter crime but also to provide valuable additional resources to state and local law enforcement agencies.  For full details regarding the use of Equitable Sharing Funds, please refer to the United States Department of Justiceopens PDF file and United States Department of Treasuryopens PDF file guidelines.

CPD has received Equitable Sharing Funds from the United States Department of Justice and Treasury.  CPD receives these funds after a federal case has been adjudicated and the assets have been authorized for release according to the Department of Justiceopens PDF file and Department of Treasuryopens PDF file  guidelines.

Federal Equitable Sharing Funds Received (2010-2018)

FY 2010 $61,165.00
FY 2011 $41,769.00
FY 2012 $121,964.00
FY 2013 $98,607.00
FY 2014 $26,112.00
FY 2015 $86,307.00
FY 2016 $35,489.50
FY 2017 $9,781.00
FY 2018 $27,213.59




Federal Equitable Sharing Fund Expenditures (2010-2018)

All Expenditures of Equitable Sharing Funds are approved as ordinance by Columbia City Council members prior to purchase.

Approving Ordinance
FY2010 $24,395.00 Ord #20548(B18-10): Undercover Narcotics Unit Vehicle
FY2010 $6,983.00 Ord #20548(B18-10): Camera system for investigations
FY2010 $7,200.00 Ord #20548(B18-10): Electronic investigative tools for investigations
FY2010 $8,000.00 Ord #20567(B37-10): Purchase and training of K-9
FY2011 $9,195.00 Ord #20844(B321-10): Replace Computer Voice Stress Analysis system
FY2011 $8,000.00 Ord #20845(B322-10): Bait Car program funding
FY2011 $27,000.00 Ord #20933(B85-11): SWAT specialized equipment
FY2011 $10,000.00 Ord #20964(B119-11): Computer/electronic equipment-conference room
FY2011 $9,637.00 Ord #20985(B142-11): Axon Cameras & Training equip-Supplement Byrne Grant monies
FY2011 $22,000.00 Ord #21041(B197-11): In-car video server equipment and repair
FY2012 $20,550.00 Ord #21158(B319-11): Consultant review of Property and Evidence Unit
FY2013 $11,320.00 Ord #21552(B355-12): PowerDMS software
FY2013 $16,012.00 Ord #21624(B54-13): SWAT headsets
FY2013 $36,505.00 Ord #21637(B66-13A): SWAT APC
FY2014 $16,235.00 Ord #021962(B12-14): Netmotion Locality & Simunition Guns
FY2014 $35,676.00 Ord #022145(B207-14): Portable Radios
FY2015 $20,318.00 Ord #022330(B393-14): Flashlights
FY2015 $55,636.00 Ord #022329(B392-14): Patrol Vehicle & Equipment
FY2015 $40,000.00 Ord #022433(B104-15): Patrol Staffing Study
FY2016 $12,500.00 Ord #022650 (B326-15): CID Staffing Study
FY2017 $77,766.00 Ord #022973(B267-16): MFF Protective Equipment
FY2018 $15,829.00 Ord #023461(B18-18): K9 and Kennel
Total: $490,757.00