Community Outreach Unit


The mission of the Community Outreach Unit (COU) is to establish open lines of communication with residents throughout the city of Columbia, while working to rebuild relationships with businesses throughout the community. 

What we do

Members of the COU are expected to engage with the residents they serve using the community policing model that was implemented in Fall 2019. At this time COU officers will serve in four of the 16 subdivided beats throughout the city. They include 20E, 40W, and 40E.

The COU was initially established in the police department in 2016 in an effort to open lines of communication and resolve community issues through the incorporation of community partnerships, problem oriented policing and citizen input. Community outreach officers served areas in central, north and east Columbia.


All inquiries should be directed to Sergeant Clint Sinclair at Clinton.Sinclair@CoMo.govcreate new email.

Sgt. Clint Sinclair – Supervisor

I have served with the Columbia Police Department for 10.5 years, starting as a Community Service Aide and working my way to Police Sergeant. I have been involved in various assignments and specialty units during my career here at the Columbia Police Department. I look forward to continuing to serve our community as the supervisor of Community Outreach. 

Maria Phelps (BEAT 40W)

I have served on the Columbia Police Department for approximately 7 years; 3 of which were on the Community Outreach Unit (COU) in the Paris Road/63 Corridor. Together with the community, we worked to solve problems the people of the community had identified. Community partners and many volunteers also helped make Xbox with a Cop successful for the past two years. 

In addition to serving on the COU, I have been a member on the Crisis Negotiation Team for 4 years. 

I have spent most of my childhood here in Columbia and graduated from Hickman High School. After spending a summer in Ghana, Africa, teaching in a children’s home for underprivileged children, I moved to Europe for 3 years. 

Kyle Lucas (BEAT 40W)

My name is Kyle Lucas, I have worked for the Columbia Police Department for the past 24 years. I began working at Columbia Police Department in 1997 as a reserve Police Officer and a Community Service Aide.  I was hired as a full-time Police Officer in 2000.  

In 2003, I was selected to be a member of the Columbia Police Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team. I served on the SWAT team for eight and a half years. During that time I received advanced tactical and weapons training, and became an instructor in Less Lethal weapons and Gas munitions. In 2010, I was selected to be on the Columbia Police Department Honor Guard and continue to maintain this status.

For the past 20 and a half years, I’ve worked on the patrol division of Columbia Police Department. I have worked all three shifts to include Days, Second shift, and Midnights. During my years of patrol, I’ve worked with Columbia citizens, neighborhood associations, businesses and schools to solve problems related to nuisances and crime. I look forward to serving as a Columbia Outreach Unit Officer to further enhance relationships in our community. 

Cory Dawkins (BEAT 40E)

I was first hired as a Community Service Aide (CSA) with the Columbia Police Department. Through this position I was able to prepare myself for my ultimate goal of becoming a Columbia Police Officer. Once becoming an officer, I was assigned to various geographical locations (Beats) throughout the city. This allowed the opportunity to interact with many different diverse populations. I was also selected as a member of the departments Crisis Negotiation Team. While with the specialty unit, I was selected to work as the primary negotiator. 

In 2018, I became a School Resource Officer for Battle High School. I believe these different assignments have prepared me for this new opportunity as a member of the Community Outreach Unit. I look forward to working with, and meeting different members throughout our community. 

Christopher Williams (BEAT 40E)

I have been employed by the Columbia Police Department for just over 6 years. Prior to becoming a member of the Community Outreach Unit, my assignments have included Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer and School Resource Officer. I was previously employed as a Juvenile Officer for the 13th Judicial Circuit, here in Boone County, where I worked with at-risk youth at the Boone County Juvenile Justice Center. 

I moved to Columbia in 2008 and have since married my wife, Tamisha, whom I have two amazing children with. I look forward to interacting with members and organizations of Columbia to further organize resources that address both issues and needs in our community.

Dan Wright (BEAT 70D)

My name is Dan Wright and I have been with CPD for about 21 years.  I began my career as a reserve officer for about 1.5 years, then served as a Community Service Aide, and then became a full-time officer, which is where I have served for the last 19 plus years. Officer Rowland and I have been assigned to the Downtown area to help problem solve with both residents/businesses alike. I have worked in various roles as a Recruiter, Field Training Officer, Detective Unit, etc. I also have had a strong working relationship with the Columbia Public Schools for well over a decade and work closely with Hickman and Douglass High School. I look forward to assisting the downtown area in problem solving and opening lines of communication between businesses/people and CPD.

Todd Rowland (BEAT 70D)

I have served with the Columbia Police Department for 15 years. During that time, I have worked within the Patrol Division, starting my career downtown and then moving throughout the majority of the city. During my time on patrol, I have been able to work with a very diverse demographic throughout the city. I am looking forward to not only working with the business leaders within the district, but with those who reside in that area as well. I believe my time within the Patrol Division has given me a vast amount of experience, and will be beneficial in developing relationships and solutions to any concern the business owners and residents within the district may have.


Officers: Kyle Lucas and Maria Phelps

Officers: Cory Dawkins and Christopher Williams

Officers Todd Rowland and Dan Wright