Chaplain Program

The Chaplains program was established for the purpose of providing spiritual and emotional support to all members of the department, their families and members of the public. Chaplains will serve as a resource for department personnel when dealing with the public in tragic incidents, including death notifications. They will provide counseling, spiritual guidance, and insight for department personnel and their families.  Chaplains will also attend department functions including promotions and retirements.

The decision to add the Chaplains program was a result of the strategic planning process. It was determined the Chaplains program would help improve employee wellness and ease the impact of tragic circumstances for personnel and members of the public. CPD sent letters and e-mails to over 150 Columbia area churches asking clergy for interest in the volunteer positions. Several applications were received and a panel of department sworn and civilian personnel, as well as a Chaplain from Missouri State Highway Patrol, conducted interviews for the four positions. The panel selected the following to serve as Chaplains for the department:

  • Father Francis Doyle of Sacred Heart Catholic Church
  • Pastor Jeremy Risner of C2 Church Christian Chapel
  • Pastor Rob Gaskin of Karis Church
  • Pastor Luke Stockeland of Open Door Baptist Church