Molly Bowden Policing Center

Molly Thomas Bowden Neighborhood Policing Center

The Molly Thomas Bowden Neighborhood Policing Center, named in honor of fallen Columbia Police Department Officer Molly Thomas Bowden, is a 24,539 square foot space, which includes offices, a lobby, reception area, community meeting room, department meeting room, specialized storage, locker rooms and fitness center. 

Officer Bowden is the only Columbia Police Officer who has been killed in line of duty. She was killed while conducting a traffic stop on Jan. 10, 2005. On February 10, exactly one month after she was shot, Officer Bowden succumbed to her wounds.

Project highlights:

  • The total project cost is $9.69 million and is funded through the 2015 Capital Improvement Sales Tax.
  • Professional Contractors & Engineers (PCE) was chosen as the general contractor. The total cost for building construction is $7.6 million. PCE has 450 calendar days to complete the project.
  • The Center is a 24,539 square foot space, which includes office, lobby, reception, community meeting, department meeting, specialized storage, locker rooms and fitness space with a second floor shell space for future development. The second floor will also have space for the City’s Information Technology department to serve as a backup.
  • The first floor at the south end will be constructed as a storm shelter.
  • The exterior development includes public parking with public art funded through the Percent for Art program and parking areas for staff and specialized vehicles. 
  • The site areas will be landscaped with Missouri native trees, shrubs and grasses.

Percent for Art

geometric sculpture of a seedpod

The Percent for Art program is hosted through the Office of Cultural Affairs. The program serves as a way to enhance the public environment, increase civic pride and promote economic development. By investing in public art, the City of Columbia is investing in its citizens, its visitors and its future. The Percent for Art contribution to the overall building project is $72,625.

“I felt the seedpod was a beautiful metaphor for the role the police force plays within our communities. They do their best to protect our future and allow life to flourish, while maintaining transparency and dialogue. Officer Molly (Thomas) Bowden, gave her life serving and protecting the community. The seed pod structure is also symbolic of community and family. A network that works together in collaboration to help bring about a stronger and more brilliant future. I’ve created a geometric sculpture of a seedpod. The design is made up of eighty-one panels that have openings cut into the sides, allowing light and air to pass through the artwork. Nestled inside of the seedpod is a stand-alone seed.”

Beth Nybeck, artist