Columbia Police Department Volunteers

Columbia Police Department Volunteers


Become a Columbia Police Volunteer

The Columbia Police Department is lucky to have a group of active volunteers. Several more retired volunteers remain Volunteer Alumni. Police Volunteers have graduated from the department’s Citizens Academy, attended special training, or both. 

Volunteers provide many hours of service to the department and they are involved in a number of activities and events including:

  • Compiling information on certain crimes for the officers and investigators.
  • Copying, updating, and maintaining files for the Records Unit.
  • Providing updated information to officers regarding wanted individuals. 
  • Reviewing certain reports for suspect vehicle information.

Volunteers also assist officers at many events where police presence is necessary including:

  • The Memorial Day Air Show & Parade
  • The Show Me State Games
  • The Roots, Blues, ‘n BBQ Festival

In addition, volunteers help with sobriety checkpoints, officer in-service training, and many other events and activities. 

The program is run by senior volunteers who coordinate the volunteer group’s activities. They also handle many of the administrative tasks involved with the program. The coordinators also:

  • Produce a volunteer newsletter
  • Produce an Intelligence Bulletin for police department personnel and neighboring law enforcement agencies.

Some specially trained volunteers called CARE volunteers are on-call at all hours of the night and day. These volunteers respond to the police department when children are taken into protective custody. They are able to stay with the children and interact with them while the officers complete the arrests and paperwork that may come with these situations. The department received donations in order to make this program work, and these children have new books and toys, clean clothes and blankets, and a TV and children’s movies available to them at the department. 

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