Operations Bureau (Patrol)


Deputy Chief Jill Schlude oversees the Operations Bureau; this includes Special Operations and Patrol Operations.

Assistant Chief John Gordon and Assistant Chief Jeremiah Hunter assist Deputy Chief Schlude with Patrol Operations. The Northeast, Southwest, Northwest, and Southeast sectors are commanded by assigned lieutenants. 

The Operations Bureau is the largest and most visible part of the department and is responsible for providing the primary response to citizen’s calls for service. Uniformed officers in this division enforce state statutes, local ordinances and traffic laws, as well as many other activities. Combined, this Bureau is committed to the philosophy of community policing and problem solving, in partnership with the citizens we serve. The Operations Bureau is staffed by dedicated and professional men and women who are proud to serve the city of Columbia. The goal of the Operations Bureau is to deliver quality service with professionalism and integrity, resulting in strong community partnerships and an overall improvement in the quality of life in Columbia. 

The Operations Bureau includes:

Special Operations

Patrol Operations

Specialty Units included in the Operations Bureau include:

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