If you are a victim of domestic violence, please report it to your local law enforcement agency. 

The Domestic Violence Enforcement Unit (DOVE) began operating at the Columbia Police Department on February 2, 1998. The unit is comprised of detectives from the Columbia Police Department and the Boone County Sheriff’s Department.  The unit’s mission is to decrease the level of domestic violence by investigating domestic violence cases, promoting deterrence of violence, assisting victims, and interrupting the cycle of violence. 

To accomplish it’s mission, the DOVE Unit investigates domestic violence incidents in Columbia and Boone County, assists the prosecuting attorney’s office in prosecuting the offenders, aids victims in obtaining restraining orders, and assists with the arrest of offenders based on active warrants.  The DOVE Unit also assists victims, coordinates with other agencies, trains officers in and around Boone County, and promotes community education.  The intended result of these activities is to deter and hold offenders accountable, empower victims, and enhance domestic violence reporting and enforcement.

The DOVE Unit was formed and funded through the STOP Violence Against Women Grant to strengthen the law enforcement and criminal justice system’s response to domestic violence.  The DOVE Unit benefits from community policing philosophy, a working relationship with the community, and changes in police work which have embraced a commitment to reduce the level of domestic violence within our community.

If you are a victim…

If you are a victim of domestic violence, developing a safety plan to prepare in advance for the possibility of further violence is an important step.  The safety plan addresses the following situations that you may encounter in an abusive relationship and steps to take to keep you and your children safe:

  • Safety during violent incidents
  • Safety when preparing to leave the residence and/or relationship
  • Safety in your own residence
  • Safety with an Order of Protection
  • Safety on the job and in public
  • Safety and your own emotional health
  • Items to take when leaving

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