Crimes & Arrests – What information is NOT available?

Public Information Officers, or any other department employee, does NOT release:

  • Specific identity of victim or witnesses
  • Identity of juvenile suspect
  • Identity of suspect before arrest unless such information would aid in apprehending the suspect or serve to warn the public of potential danger in consultation with the lead investigator.
  • Identity of a sex crime victim or any related information that could lead to the victim’s identity
  • Identity of critically injured or deceased persons before family notification and official identification by the Boone County Medical Examiner unless special, rare circumstances exist.
  • Medical conditions, unless permission is specifically given by the injured person or the family (a general update of condition may be given relevant to the investigation).
  • Results of any investigative procedure (i.e. line-ups, polygraph tests, ballistics tests, blood alcohol content, toxicology results, fingerprint comparisons, etc.) Fact that tests have been performed may be revealed without further comment.
  • Information which, if prematurely released, MAY INTERFERE with an investigation or apprehension of a suspect (i.e. nature of leads, specifics of the modus operandi, “guilty knowledge,” which are details of the crime known only to the perpetrator or police, or information that may cause the suspect(s) to flee to avoid arrest).
  • Evidence that may adversely hinder or affect a judicial court proceeding
  • Specific cause of death unless officially determined by the Boone County Medical Examiner
  • Descriptions of items seized/discovered during investigation unless or until items are subject of a charge, then only to the extent necessary to identify the charges which were filed.
  • Prior computerized criminal history, character, or reputation of a defendant (specific requests about prior arrests are releasable, but require some direction. An example of a request that could be processed would be an inquiry for details about a DWI arrest in 2009 which is specific in nature versus a general question inquiring if there have ever been any arrests. A general question about the suspect’s criminal history could not be processed).
  • Information related to the existence or contents of any confession, admission, or any statement made by a defendant or the defendant’s failure or unwillingness to make a statement
  • Information related to the existence or contents of any statement or expected testimony of any witness or victim
  • Information related to any opinions on the guilt or innocence of the defendant or the merits of the case
  • Information related to any opinion or knowledge of the potential for a plea bargain or other pre-trial action or motion
  • Status or identity of persons released to the Missouri Division of Social Services
  • Status or identity of persons released to any mental health facility
  • Information related to a case where another local, state, or federal agency is designated as the primary investigative agency concerning the case investigation
  • Identity of a student, regardless of age, who is the victim of the offense of Improper Relationship with an Educator
  • Information related to pending investigation, other than generally releasable information that would not hinder the investigation

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