Crimes & Arrests – What information is available?

Public Information Officers make every effort to provide the following information as soon as it is reasonable to do so:

  • Name and type of an event or crime
  • Location, date, time, general nature of injuries, damages, and general description of how the incident occurred
  • Possibility of outstanding suspect(s)
  • General identity (male/female) and approximate address of victim (Some exclusions apply)
  • Number of personnel involved in an event or investigation and length of time spent on the investigation
  • Name, sex, and age of person(s) arrested (Some exclusions apply)
  • Date, time and place of arrest
  • Name of the officer/investigator in charge of the case, officer/investigator’s supervisor, and the officer/investigator’s division or unit assignment
  • Name of the arresting officer(s), unless the officer(s) are engaged in a covert operation
  • Type and quantity of property taken in a theft or burglary
  • Whether resistance was encountered, pursuit was made, weapons that were used, charges placed against the suspect, and description of the contraband seized
  • Charges and amount of bail
  • Place of detention
  • Names of deceased victims, following the notification of next of kin and official identification by the Boone County Medical Examiner unless special, rare circumstances exist.

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