CPD Policy Manual


Listed below are the Table of Contents for the Columbia Police Department’s Policy Manual.  For additional questions regarding the Policy Manual call (573) 874-7404.

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Law Enforcement Code of Ethicsopens PDF file

Mission, Vision, Values and Goals

Chapter 1 – Law Enforcement Role and Authority

Policy 100 Law Enforcement Authorityopens PDF file
Policy 102 Chief of Police
Policy 104 Oath of Office
Policy 105 Code or Canon of Ethics
Policy 106 Policy Manual

Chapter 2 – Organization and Administration

Policy 200 Organizational Structure and Responsibility
Policy 206 Emergency Operations Plan
Policy 208 Training
Policy 212 Electronic Mail
Policy 214 Administrative Communications
Policy 216 Supervision Staffing Levels
Policy 220 Retired Officer Carrying Concealed Weapons
Policy 226  Multi-year Planning

Chapter 3 – General Operations

Policy 300 Response to Resistance
Policy 302 Radio Communications
Policy 306 Handcuffing and Restraints
Policy 307 Remote Restraint Device/BolaWrap 100
Policy 308 Control Devices and Techniques
Policy 309 Conducted Electrical Weapon (CEW)
Policy 310 Officer-Involved Shooting
Policy 311 Line of Duty Death or Serious Injury
Policy 312 Duty Firearms
Policy 314 Vehicle Pursuits
Policy 316 Officer Response to Calls
Policy 318 Canines
Policy 320 Domestic Violence
Policy 322 Search and Seizure
Policy 324 Temporary Custody of Juveniles
Policy 326 Elder Abuse
Policy 328 Sexual Assault Response (You Have Options Program)
Policy 330 Child Abuse Reporting
Policy 332 Missing Person Reporting
Policy 336 Victim and Witness Assistance
Policy 338 Hate Crimes
Policy 340 Code of Conduct
Policy 341 Sexual and Unlawful Harassment
Policy 342 Department Technology Use
Policy 344 Report Preparation
Policy 346 News Media Access Relations
Policy 348 Court Appearance and Subpoenas
Policy 352 Mutual Aid and Outside Agency Assistance
Policy 358 Major Incident Reporting
Policy 359 Firearm Injury Reporting
Policy 360 Death Investigation
Policy 361  Death and Emergency Message Notification
Policy 362 Identity Theft
Policy 366 Anti-Reproductive Rights Crimes
Policy 368 Limited English Proficiency Services
Policy 370 Hearing Impaired/Disabled Communications
Policy 374 DNA Samples for CODIS Entry
Policy 376 Chaplain Program
Policy 380 Child and Dependent Adult Safety
Policy 382 Service Animals
Policy 384 Volunteers
Policy 386 Native American Graves Protection And Repatriation
Policy 388 Off-Duty Law Enforcement Actions

Chapter 4 – Patrol Operations

Policy 400 Patrol Function
Policy 402 Bias-Free Policing
Policy 404 Shift Briefing
Policy 406 Crime and Disaster Scene Integrity
Policy 408 Special Weapons and Tactics
Policy 410 Ride-Along Observer Program
Policy 412 Hazardous Material Response
Policy 414 Hostages and Barricaded Persons
Policy 416 Response to Bomb Calls
Policy 418 Mental Illness Commitments
Policy 420 Arrest and Bond Policy/Procedures
Special Order 19-420-1
Policy 421  Prisoner Transport
Policy 422 Diplomatic and Consular Contactsopens PDF file
Policy 424 Rapid Response and Deployment
Policy 426 Reporting Law Enforcement Activity Outside of the Jurisdiction
Policy 428 Immigration Violations
Policy 432 Patrol Rifles
Policy 434 Aircraft Accidents
Policy 438 Air Support
Policy 439 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
Policy 440 Contacts, Detentions, Interviews, and Interrogations 
Policy 442 Criminal Street Gangs
Policy 444 Watch Commanders
Policy 446 Mobile Audio Video
Policy 447 Body Worn Cameras
Policy 448 Mobile Computer Terminal Use
Policy 450 Use of Portable Recorders
Policy 458 Foot Pursuit
Policy 460 Automated License Plate Readers (ALPR)
Policy 464 Homeless Persons
Policy 466 Administration of Nasal Naloxone (Narcan)
Policy 468 Court Security
Policy 470 Medical Marijuana

Chapter 5 – Traffic Operations

Policy 500 Traffic Enforcement Function and Responsibility
Policy 502 Traffic Crash Response and Reporting
Policy 504 Vehicle Escort
Policy 506 Traffic Stops/Approaches and Violator Contacts
Policy 508 Traffic Direction and Control
Policy 510 Vehicle Towing and Release
Policy 514 Impaired Driving Enforcement and Evidence Collection
Policy 516 Traffic Citations
Policy 520 Disabled Vehicles/Motorist Assistance

Chapter 6 – Investigation Operations

Policy 601 Deconfliction
Policy 600 Investigation and Prosecution
Policy 602 Victim Assistance and Information
Policy 604 Suspicious Fire Investigations
Policy 606 Asset Forfeiture
Policy 608 Confidential Informants
Policy 610 Eyewitness Identification
Policy 612 Brady Material Disclosure
Policy 614 Criminal Intelligence Information and Operations

Chapter 7 – Equipment

Policy 700 Department Owned and Personal Property
Policy 702 Personal Communication Devices
Policy 706 Vehicle Use
Special Order 20-706-1
Policy 710 Cash Handling, Security and Management

Chapter 8 – Support Services

Policy 800 Crime Analysis
Policy 804 Property and Evidence
Policy 806 Records Unit
Policy 810 Records Release and Security
Policy 812 Criminal History Record Information (CHRI)
Policy 814 Computers and Digital Evidence
Policy 816 Special Events
Policy 818 Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) and Peer Support Program

Chapter 9 – Custody

Policy 900 Temporary Holding Facility
Policy 902 Custody Searches
Policy 904 Custody of Detainees Receiving Treatment at a Medical Facility

Chapter 10 – Personnel

Policy 1010 Time and Attendance for Non-Exempt (Overtime Eligible) Employees
Special Order 20-1010-1
Policy 1011 Time and Attendance for Exempt Employees
Special Order 20-1011-1
Policy 1018 Smoking and Tobacco Use
Policy 1020 Complaints, Internal Investigations, and Discipline
Policy 1022 Seat Beltsopens PDF file
Policy 1024 Body Armor
Policy 1030 Compliments, Commendations and Awards for Exceptional Performance
Policy 1035 Lactation Breaks
Policy 1040 Off-Duty Employment
Policy 1041 Extra-Duty Law Enforcement Employment
Policy 1044 Personal Appearance Standards
Policy 1046 Police Uniform Regulations
Policy 1048 Police Explorers
Policy 1052 Department Badges
Policy 1058 Employee Speech, Expression, Social Network
Policy 1060 Military Deployment and Reintegration