Choose Your Bars

Get your New Year started off on the right foot. Don’t drink & drive. 

field sobriety
Field sobriety test reenactment

Each year in the state of Missouri, over 3,000 people are killed or injured in alcohol-related crashes. 

Missouri law states a person commits the crime of driving while intoxicated if they operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, illicit drugs, and/or prescription medications, regardless of his/her blood alcohol concentration (BAC).  Penalties range from loss of driving privileges, fines, and jail time on first offenses to involuntary manslaughter charges for crashes resulting in death. On average, a person is killed every 53 minutes in an alcohol related crash in the United States and every 2 minutes someone is injured as a result of an impaired driver.

choose your bars smallThe Columbia Police Department DWI Unit encourages use of alternatives to impaired driving through designated drivers, ride-sharing programs, and available public transportation.

“Call a friend, call an Uber, or hail a cab, just do not get behind the wheel of vehicle if you’ve been drinking” says Officer Clint Sinclair of the Columbia Police Department DWI Unit. “The effects of impaired driving can be far reaching and in some cases, tragic and devastating.”    




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