Winter Driving Tips

Driving on Ice/Snow:

1.) Drive slowly and leave three times more space than usual between you and another car in front of you.
2.) Turn on your headlights for visibility not only for you but for other drivers.
3.) Use low gears especially on hills.
4.) Be careful on bridges, exit ramps and overpasses. Roads less traveled will freeze first.
5.) Don’t pass snow plows.
6.) Don’t rely too heavily on vehicle technology. Four wheel drive vehicles help your vehicle to drive but it doesn’t help braking.
7.) Leave early to give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination. BE PATIENT. 
8.) Use alternate routes to avoid curves and hills
9.) Please stay off of cellphones but have them with you if you need to call for help.
10.) If you are traveling out of town or state keep up to date on weather conditions and road closings.

For further safety tips, see Missouri Department of Transportation Winter Driving Tips and The Weather Channel Driver Safety Tips.

Call 1-888 ASK MODOT (888-275-6636) to receive road condition updates 24 hours a day.