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Stephens Lake Park Trails

Map & Address opens in a new window2001 E. Broadway

Trail Miles: Lake Trail - 0.6 mile; Perimeter Trail - 1.7 miles, concrete

Trail Information

Stephens Lake Park

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Lake Trail

An 8-foot wide, 0.6-mile concrete trail encircles the lake allowing trail users to enjoy the scenic views as they walk, run, bike, or wheel. From the lake trail, park users can be observed as they fish, swim, or boat. Benches along the trail allow users to rest under one of the many beautiful mature trees in the park. Trail users can walk all the way around the lake or cut across the boardwalk through the middle of the lake. The boardwalk leads to a shelter on the middle of the island where you can sit and eat your lunch or read a book. Single covered picnic tables along the trail provide a shady place to enjoy the park.

Perimeter Trail

A 10-foot wide, 1.7-mile concrete trail meanders around the perimeter of the park facilitating in-line skaters, cyclists, walkers, joggers, and wheelers’ enjoyment of the park’s natural beauty. As users navigate the perimeter trail they pass by the riparian corridor along the Hinkson Creek Trail, open space as well as wooded areas, and even an art sculpture in the park.

The perimeter trail can be easily accessed from the west parking lot off of Old Hwy. 63, the east parking lot off of Broadway, and the parking lot off of Walnut Street by the Riechmann Indoor Pavilion. The trail serves in place of a sidewalk along Walnut Street on the north side. In springtime, trail users can enjoy a view of the redbud tree collection on the north side of the park.